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  For farmers, access to information is relatively limited. According to the relevant survey results, the most frequent activities that farmers contact the media are watching TV and listening to radio, with the contact rate of 90.3% and 64.6% respectively. The lowest contact rate is newspaper, with the contact rate of 6.4%. In other words, in the mass media, only TV and radio are the advertising media that farmers often contact. The surrounding outdoor media have no choice but to advertise on the wall. Therefore, as an important part of the media mix, wall advertising in the vast rural land will have the opportunity to show its skills. From the perspective of advertising effect, wall advertising mainly reaches the level of consciousness, while the combination of wall advertising and other media, such as television, can produce a synergistic effect of media combination. As far as the current rural media market is concerned, the broadcast cost of TV advertising is relatively high. The wise move of enterprises is to use TV media to establish credibility and popularity, and then use cheap secondary media to consolidate the image and enhance the memory of the audience. In the rural market, the wall is an ideal secondary medium with high cost performance, which is suitable for the auxiliary medium of advertising activities.
  1、 High exposure.
  All but the illiterate villagers said they had seen the ads on the wall. Of the illiterate farmers who answered the questionnaire, 67% asked others what the ads on the walls said. Therefore, the proportion of villagers who do not know the content of wall advertisements is quite small.
  Due to the relatively small geographical division of the village, in the limited space of the village, wall advertising not only has a high contact rate, but also has a high contact frequency. It is a traditional pastime for farmers to gather around the village and chat. In addition, the wall advertisements on both sides of the highway will become the target for tourists to watch, which to a certain extent expands the contact scope of the wall advertisements.
  Second, pure publishing environment
  One wall only publishes one wall advertisement, the advertisement environment is simple, the interference degree is small. Compared with TV ads and radio ads, wall ads have less interference. This is very useful for the dissemination of wall advertising.
  Third, it has strong pertinence.
  As the only advertising medium in the rural market, wall advertising has played a good role in promoting the development of the third and sixth level markets. Effective publicity can be carried out in combination with specific areas of the enterprise.
  Fourth, the ideal degree of memory.
  36% of respondents can recall some advertisements on the wall, while 64% can't. Through the analysis of the advertisements that farmers can recall, it is found that most of these advertisements adopt the media combination form of TV and wall advertisements, and the contents of the advertisements are prominent.
  Fifth, pay attention to the benefits of commitment, advertising language has a strong appeal.
  When we asked the respondents which of the three different slogans was more attractive to them, the villagers were more interested in the slogans with clear prices. It can be seen that farmers pay attention to reality and wall advertising is suitable for interest commitment
  The above is a detailed introduction to why Shandong wall advertising regards rural areas as the advertising target. To learn more, please click http://www.fssxhyy.com